COVID 19: A List of Free Services and Resources to Help You Right Now

We miss you.

We miss having you stop by the Ferguson Career Center. We miss you stealing our candy, or getting a quick cup of coffee from the Keurig. We miss your stories, and how you study for your test at our conference table. We even miss that time you put The Spice Girls on the big TV, and made us laugh by singing along with it. (Who knew you would know all the words?)

But here we are, and we want to remind you that we’re still here to help you find the resources you need so you can take that next big step. Maybe you need a tutorial on how to master that particular part of Python, or you need to figure out how to create an online portfolio of your graphic design work. Maybe you did hear back from that job you applied for but you aren’t sure what salary you should request. Contact us at any time, and we’ll help you through this unprecedented time.

A huge thank you to Handshake for compiling these resources for students like you:

If you need mental or emotional support:

  • If you feel anxious, overwhelmed, or just need to talk to somebody, crisis counselors are available to you 24/7 via the confidential Crisis Text Line. Simply text HOME to 741741 for free support in the US from a trained Crisis Counselor. 
  • The Headspace app has released a collection of free materials called “Weathering the Storm,” which includes meditation, sleep, and movement exercises.
  • Ten Percent Happier has created a collection of free guided meditations and additional resources for anyone who might need emotional support during this time. 

If you need help moving:

  • To help support students impacted by university campus closures, U-Haul is offering 30 days of free storage for new customers with college IDs.
  • To help students get home to their families amid campus closures, Enterprise is “reducing the age minimum and waiving the young renter fees for rentals” through May 31, 2020. Students aged 18-24 qualify, and must present a student ID at the time of their rental. 

If you’re in need of affordable and reliable internet access:

  • Comcast Xfinity has announced a slew of offerings in response to COVID-19 concerns for students and remote workers, including free use of outdoor and public Wi-Fi hotspots and unlimited data for no additional charge. In addition, Comcast will be pausing any shutoffs or late fees if you contact them with hardship concerns: “Our care teams will be available to offer flexible payment options and can help find other solutions. If a customer contacts Comcast and tells them that they cannot afford their bills, Comcast will not shut their service off or issue late fees.”
  • Spectrum has offered “free access to internet and WiFi for 60 days for new Pre-K to 12, college student and teacher households who don’t currently have internet or WiFi service.” The company will also waive startup fees to those new customers who need it. 

If you’re concerned about finances:

  • Edquity offers emergency aid and basic needs insecurity technology for college students; to take advantage of easy access to online support, read more here
  • The US Department of Education has announced temporary changes regarding student loans, which you can read in full here. In short: “Borrowers with federally held student loans will automatically have their interest rates set to 0% for a period of at least 60 days. In addition, each of these borrowers will have the option to suspend their payments for at least two months to allow them greater flexibility during the national emergency.” 

If you get hungry: 

  • In support of independent restaurants and businesses during this trying time, UberEats has waived delivery fees for applicable small business orders.
  • Many chain restaurants, such as Chipotle, Subway, and KFC, are also offering discounts and free delivery on online orders.

If you want to stay active while indoors:

If you need some entertainment:

Tiger Tip: Even if you aren’t on campus, you are part of a very special Hampden-Sydney College community. Don’t ever forget that and don’t ever be afraid to ask for help.